The European Psychosynthesis Association (EPA) was created 2021 to bring together individual psychosynthesis practitioners across Europe to meet, share and collaborate in creating a culture of respect and support.  

Inclusive and celebrating diversity:
The aim is to create a European psychosynthesis community open to therapists and coaches alike, as well as people who use psychosynthesis in education, business or art.  Membership is open to those who have completed a minimum of one academic year of psychosynthesis training. Those with less than one year or have a different route into psychosynthesis are invited to share this in the application form.

Creating a culture of respect, support and collaboration:
We work in different fields and in various ways and we meet to learn from each other so that we can be of greater benefit to the whole, our clients and ourselves. We each contribute to all that our vibrant, expansive, and inclusive tradition can be.

The EPA is a new organisation which has grown out of the European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (EFPP).  Although the EFPP has organised summer schools and meetings, its focus has been mainly on psychotherapy.  It was felt that an organisation representing a wider range of practitioners was needed in order to be more inclusive of the psychosynthesis community. The EFPP has been in existence since 1997 and continues to flourish in parallel to the EPA.


2022: The year of EPA Founding Membership

The EPA is a not-for-profit organisation and aims to provide members with a space where members create and contribute to a vibrant, diverse and supportive community, which upholds the spirit and essence of psychosynthesis. 

EPA Founding Membership


Become a ‘2022 Founding Member’ at the special price of €50 and enjoy all of this:

– FREE access to the EPA online community
– Exciting opportunities in the evolution and celebration of psychosynthesis
– FREE social gatherings
monthly community meditations
live interviews
– Discounted rates for workshops
– FREE access to the EPA Archive
– Voting privileges and a chance to get involved to help shape our community.

Plus you can rest in the knowledge that your presence is helping to create something amazing!

Founding Membership is a special offer to all those joining the EPA in 2022. 

We are an evolving and emerging community and every member is an important part of creating this space.  Membership has been offered to reflect this first year of ‘prototype’ mode!

A review of the proposed 2023 Membership offering will be explored and voted on by members at the AGM in September 2022.  

1. Click any button to open the application form.
2. Once your application has been reviewed you’ll receive the payment request.
3. Your payment will take up to seven days to be processed (we are all volunteers here)
4. Look out for your welcome email and invitation to join the online community!

Don’t miss this very special moment in the history of psychosynthesis in Europe and let’s co-create the EPA together.


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Important: We do our best to confirm your membership within 7 days. Upon review of your application you will receive a link to pay your membership. Once payment is received, an invitation to join the community will follow.

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Questions & Answers

What type of organisation is this? The EPA has now been legally registered as a voluntary non-profit association under Dutch law.  It has a basic structure with an elected board consisting of six members situated throughout Europe.  The basic structure has been set up according to a standard format for Dutch associations to begin with.

Why now? For administrative reasons the EFPP is moving its base from Italy to the Netherlands.  The Board of EFPP felt this was an excellent moment to create a parallel organisation at the same time.

How is the EPA financed? Initial ‘start up’ funding was given by the EFPP to pay for such things as legal fees and expenses for the first few months.  From 2022, the EPA will be financed from membership fees, with a not-for-profit attitude, being a voluntary association.   

Further questions? Contact for more information about any aspect of the EPA.

February 22, 2022

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