The EPA is a new organisation that aims to bring together anyone involved in psychosynthesis across Europe.  It has grown out of the European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (EFPP) which has been in existence since 1997.  Although the EFPP has organised summer schools and meetings, its focus has been mainly on psychotherapy.  It was felt that an organisation representing a wider range of practitioners – coaches, counsellors, educationalists, academics, students and arts practitioners – was needed in order to be more inclusive of the psychosynthesis community.

This association was formally started June 27 2021 with 141 members signed up on the first day. A new board was elected and will now start working. Working groups would then need to be set up by the new board to plan events, design a website and involve members, etc. What would you like to see in our new organisation? Join us and let’s co-create the future of psychosynthesis!

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Join now to experience a taste of what the EPA community can be. The long-term member packages are being designed now and will be announced soon.  All trial members will have an opportunity to convert their membership at that time.

The EPA is a not-for-profit organisation and aims to provide members with a space where members create and contribute to a vibrant, diverse and supportive community, which upholds the spirit and essence of psychosynthesis. 

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All members will be invited to upgrade their membership to the level which suits. You can choose Gold Membership at 75 Euros per year, or Silver Membership at 50 Euros per year. 

What would you like to see in our new organisation? Join us and let’s co-create the future of psychosynthesis!

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Questions & Answers

What type of organisation is this? The EPA has now been legally registered as a voluntary non-profit association under Dutch law.  It has a basic structure with an interim governing board which will give way to an elected board as soon as possible.  Although the basic structure has been set up according to a standard format for Dutch associations, there are many aspects of the internal procedures and regulations still be worked out once the elected board is in place.

Why now? For administrative reasons the EFPP is moving its base from Italy to the Netherlands.  The Board of EFPP felt this was an excellent moment to create a parallel organisation at the same time.

How will it be financed? Initial ‘start up’ funding will be given by the EFPP to pay for such things as legal fees and expenses for the first few months.  The EPA will be financed from membership fees, with a not-for-profit attitude, being a voluntary association.   

Questions? Contact or the Chair, Michael Wolde at

January 3, 2022

More information about the European Federation for Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, EFPP, on